Pet Pals by Virginia Harrison
Virginia, who personally provides a loving home for a pack of corgies, several cats, half a dozen hens and numerous fish, has immortalized her love of animals by creating a series of ceramic glazed animals. In addition to giving them padded and pillowed couches and chairs to perch or play on, the sets are accessorized with miniature presents, bones, frisbees, etc. Each whimsical ceramic piece is carefully painted in detail with under glazes.
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Cat on Chair
5" chair
(sold as set)

Group of Animal Sculptures
furniture 4" to 5 " tall
(sold separately)

Dog on Chair
4" chair
(sold as set)

4" tall couch
(sold as set)

Holiday Piggies
1.5" to 2" tall with wings &/or candy cane.
(available hanging or standing)

My Favorite Couch
5" love seat with pillow.
(sold as set)

Posing for Pictures
2 dogs on chairs
(sold separately)

Dogs on Couches
4 " tall furniture with accessories
(sold separately)

Dog on Furniture
3" poodle on 6" love seat
(sold as set)

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