Sea themed art by Virginia Harrison
Although Virginia currently lives in the land-locked state of Oklahoma, her love of marine and aquatic themed subjects can be traced to her Long Island, NY roots, where she grew up around boats and seashells. Virginia's shells are created by firing glass powder in plaster molds she makes with real shell impressions. Her ceramic boats and other theme pieces are all hand built, glazed and low fired in one of her multiple kilns.
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The Creative Process
watch Virginia make glass shells
Sample Glass Shell
4" kiln-fired powdered glass frit
molded in casts made from real shells
Mix & Match Selection
choose from 2" to 5" glass shells
(color accented with glass powder)
Island Cargo
Cast glass boat filled with beach
sand & cast glass shells
(8 x 10 x 4 including stand)
Safe Harbor
cast glass boats sold individually
(5" tall with metal stands)
Contained Waters
Slumped glass in various sizes
(1 x 5 x 2)
ceramic with fused glass
(4 x 8 x 6)
20 vessels with sand from around world
(1.5 x 5 x 1.5 inch ceramic boats with metal stands)
Dreaming of the Sea
ceramic copper patina & glaze
(13 x 8 x 5)
ceramic, glaze & gold leaf
(7 x 7 x 4)
Amphritrite's Chariot
ceramic, copper patina & gold leaf
(5 x 7.5 x 3.5 with stand)
ceramic, copper patina & gold leaf
(7 x 8 x 5 with stand)
Home Page Aquatics 2 Aquatic series
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